The offer of appraisal services provided on the territory of Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

– technical review of vehicles – damages under third-party personal injury insurance,

collision, comprehensive and third party insurance, and others

– valuations of vehicles

– valuation of post-accident vehicle

– determining the extent of damages of post-accident vehicles

– determining the extent of damages and their causes in car gas installations

– preservation of evidence at the scene

– reconstruction of the course of collision or accident

– determination of the probability of collision/accident

– establishing of a causal relationship between the event and the extent of damages

– performance of technical assessment of selected parts

– insight into and extract from the police files

– consulting and advice

– liquidation of damages

– others, on the customer’s request


Technical appraisals of MOTOEXPERT are prepared in accordance with the German law in the German language or, on the client’s request, in English.

 CONTACT: +49 (0) 0911 /92318480


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