What is paid after a car accident in Germany!

Did you have a car accident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Are you coming from Belgium, Italy or another European country? We help you!


In case of a no fault accident in Germany the insurance of the injured party  pays compensation.


Repair costs:

  1. A) Repair costs according to the invoice:

On presentation of the vehicle – workshop bills generally up to the amount of 130% of the gross – replacement value of the vehicle.

You can get your vehicle mended in a vehicle repair shop in Germany or in your home country.

  1. B) Repair costs according to reports:

On presentation of a foreign or german expert opinion.

If there is no repair order in Germany or in your home country, the German prices for new original spare parts and German hourly wages will be used in the MOTOEXPERT- opinion.

The victim may sell the vehicle unrepaired  and only report the in the MOTOEXPERT -Opinion described net – repair costs.

The vehicle can also be repaired by yourself and then settled on the basis of the opinion MOTOEXPERT- net.


Replacement value of the vehicle:

Replacement value is provided at a total loss less the estimated residual value (gross) on the basis of German and foreign experts’ report. Some car – experts often cause the foreign injured considerable financial losses because their opinions are prepared only by German criteria and without the relevant knowledge of the regional market.


Value added tax (VAT) 19%:

VAT is only replaced by the new law of the Federal Court, if it was demonstrably incurred and paid.


Motor vehicle expert fees:

Under German law, the cost of the MOTOEXPERT – liability damage assessment will be refunded the injured completely of the German or foreign insurance companie or payed directly by them, according to security assignment to us.

For ascertainment of loss and coservation of evidence you can commission a surveyor´s report by a neutral MOTOEXPERT motor vehicle expert.

In hull loss cases please contact your insurance company and ask if you can instruct the neutral motor vehicle experts of MOTOEXPERT purpose an expert opinion construction.



The insurance replaces the difference between the replacement value of the car before the accident and that of the repaired vehicle after the accident.

The amount of the mercantile depreciation depends on the individual case.

The age of the car also plays a role as the amount of repair costs.

Above all, it depends on the type of damage.

The amount of impairment is also for older vehicles calculated accurately in the report.


Towage costs:

The towage costs for an no longer roadworthy vehicle (because of an accident) will be refunded.

If the vehicle is no longer roadworthy or roadworthy, so usually the towage costs to the nearest appropriate vehicle workshop or breakdown service in Germany will be replaced. Of course you can choose the salvage or towage company yourself.


Rescue costs:


The recovery costs are recoverable. Pay attention to your obligation to mitigate the damage.




Cost Lump sum:

Cost Lump sum for incurred costs will be paid.


Additional testing costs:

For example, cost of optical measurement.



Scrapping costs:

Cost of disposal of the wreck will be replaced upon certification.




Rantal Car costs:

Cost of a rental car belongs to the manufacturing effort, so that these rental costs are replaced for a reasonable period during the damage repair. The injured party may always hire a vehicle same type. A deduction for capital savings of 15 to 20% is expected , even if a  lower vehicle class is rented.

Loss of use:

An injured person, who abandon after accident  on a rental car, motorcycle or motorhome, may demand monetary compensation for the loss of use benefits. The daily rate of loss of use group, where the vehicle is to match, the MOTOEXPERT motor vehicle experts indicates  at a liability loss report.



Admission costs:

Costs for license plate, vehicle registration  and deregistration will be reimbursed.



Other refunding costs are:

Collision damage insurance deductible:

This will be refunded upon presentation of proper accounting of insurance.


Accidental costs:

This includes overnight stay and meals, correspondence and telephone costs, and necessary ride and taxi fares.




If for damaged and soiled garments a cleaning or repair is not possible, these will be recovered at fair value.

Other damaged items:

This may be : radios, cameras, charge, watches, wine bottles, warning triangles.

Demurrage for safekeeping in a workshop:

The demurrage will be paid to the date of the report (usually for cars converted about 5.00 Euros to 20.00 Euros per day, trucks and buses converted about 20.00 Euros to 40.00 Euros per day).


Attorney fees:

In cases without clearly accident blame and high material- or personaldamage it is recommended to hire a German specialist lawyer. The cost of the court-appointed lawyer will be principally refunded.

A personal injury, the following benefits can be reimbursed or granted:


Doctor and care costs:

Doctor, care and curative treatment costs as well as needs will often refunded, if you are not taken over by a health insurance company or somewhere else.


Injury award:

The amount is determined by factors including the severity of the injuries, the healing time and the eventual level of disability. Age and gender play an important role too.


Loss of earnings:

This is granted on presentation of confirmation from the employer or tax documents to freelancers.

In cases of death, the following items come into consideration:

Funeral expenses:

The cost of a proper burial.


Maintenance claim:

If the killed person was legally obliged  to maintenance, so the members are qualify for replacement, because of lost  maintenance.


Lost of housekeeping:

In the case of a murdered housewife and mother, the husband and children have a right to compensation for lost of housekeeping.

The above-mentioned statements reflect only our practical experience.


For completeness and accuracy, we not assume liability. It is a legal advice from a lawyer necessary.