Car accident in Germany


Did you have a car accident in Germany? Are you coming from Belgium, Italy or another European country? We help you!

Post accident technical opinion or quotation- We are also in Nuremberg on site and offer our mobile opinion service. We, as independent motor vehicle expert, help you to document your claim quickly, to calculate and create a post accidental technical opinion.

Did you have a car accident in Germany, with your foreign-registered car, truck, van or motorcycle? You want to determine the amount of damages for the regulation with the opponent car insurance to claim compensation?

The car appraiser determines the extent of damage and documents it in the report as evidence and as a basis for regulation by the insurance of the person causing the accident. The report not only serves to identify vehicle damage, but also to identify existing risks and corresponding cost of the repair.

Now You have a direct partner, who creates you after a blameless accident in Germany a cost estimate or accident reports and send it  directly to the regulating insurance!

Our years of experience, expertise and reliability in the assessment of vehicle damage will certainly help you.

MOTOEXPERT – MOTOR VEHICLE EXPERT – Your reliable contact in case of damage!

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