Car accident in Germany, Austria and Switzerland



Your rights as an accident victim in a liability claim. Use your right – report by an independent motor vehicle expert of your choice.

You can choose an independent  motor vehicle expert for conservation of evidence and to detect the extent of damage, amount of damage, residual value, depreciation, replacement value  and anticipated  length of  repair.


The cost of the report  basically pays the insurance of the tortfeasor. Every day it crashes repeatedly on German roads. So the damage to the vehicle arose. Here is a car accident expert  often necessary.


A motor vehicle expert can be rather helpful by the settlement of claims(legal and technical). The help that a motor vehicle expert offers, is needed more and more. If claims has arisen from an accident, a car accident expert should promptly assess the extent of damage.


You are not self-inflicted ? liability damage- surveyor´s report

In a traffic accident, the victim is entitled to compensation (249 BGB). The victim has the option to choose between recovery of he original state of his/her car or the equivalent amount of money.


In the event of total loss, in which a repair is not possible or advisable, the compensation amounts to the replacement value of an equivalent vehicle. A fix is only possible to the limit of 130% of the replacement value.


The damage includes all costs incurred of recovery for the original state. For the indemnity claim (breakdown service,rental car fees, legal fees,injury award), the automobile third party insurance of the injuring party pays.


Even the independent appraiser (you should instruct necessarily)will be paid in the case of a motor vehicle liability damage by the insurance of the causer. In case of damage, it is important to be well informed about rights and obligations. The total claim settlement can be durable and complicated.


It is important to take the right decisions and to create a surveyor´s report. If and when a report should be created and which  alternatives exists, is not always clear. Apply for a free initial assessment, so that we can answer these questions for you. If you claim compensation, you have the duty to prove your claims.


This is done by a neutral accident appraiser. He proves if damage arose from the accident. The surveyor´s report contains: type and amount of damage, replacement value, residual value of the vehicle. Other components of the report are the depreciation of the car, the repair time, and compensation for loss and duration, incurred by the injured party. With this information, the report is a valuable tool to prove your claims and enforce them to the insurance of the  injuring party. 


Not only the costs of material damage arises but also additional costs like: Attorneys’ fees, injury award, loss of earnings. This capture and assess is no longer the task of the motor vehicle expert, but requires the expert opinion of the respective region. Other costs, from which in the case of damage claims may arise are: Property damage on things, that are during the accident in the car. Costs of salvage, transport, parking and also disposal of the damaged vehicle,

Cost of services of lawyers, doctors and referees, for deficiency compensation, Consequential damages with  connection to the accident and Others, such as expenses flat-rate or reporting and financing costs.


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