Accident with a truck in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?


Did you have a car accident with a truck in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? We help you to settle the claim!


If you are not to blame for the accident and the damage value exceeds 750 Euro,

the opposing insurance must pay a selected expert, you choose for a car accident report. For the victims, it is free.


In most cases, the appraiser comes to you and assess the loss, where the accident car is. Photos takes into account of the car accident appraisal.

In case of total loss the vehicle expert determined for your car accident report the residual value of your car or to buy a new equivalent car without damage.


An independent motor vehicle appraiser and a recommended lawyer are the best consultants in the settlement of the claim.
Motor vehicle experts and lawyer assist accident victims by competence, energy and cooperative behavior.


Car valuation after accident in Germany – Car accident abroad


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